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J.P. Scrafton practises law in the areas of rating, compulsory purchase and property valuation, and has been involved in some landmark cases that define modern property taxation.

Further, as a qualified arbitrator and mediator, J.P. Scrafton seeks cost effective solutions to any dispute, maximising the benefit to clients.


There has been quite a lot going on in the weird and wacky world of rating. As many readers know, the “Check, Challenge Appeal” (“CCA”) system of appeals against assessments simply is not working. Leaving aside the requirements of the registration system for rafts if information of more interest to inspectors of taxes and the immigration service, and having no apparent relevance to rating, the process has been shown to be seriously defective, almost to the point of inoperability.

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Insight article, Scrafton's Law, September 2017

It is an old truism that a lot of the really nasty stuff which Whitehall doesn’t want any fuss about, just happens to emerge as the parliamentary session is coming to an end, the politicians are looking out their buckets and spades, children out of school are causing mayhem at home, and the press are sinking into what even they call “the silly season”. All of these are good distractions; and so I thought that, this time, I would have a look at what has been happening over the past few weeks (this is being written in July and early August) and perhaps look forward to the debate on the Motion of Regret tabled by the Earl of Lytton in relation to the new regulations said govern the rating system, now, which debate is at present expected to be held on 11 th September.

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