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A collection of news bulletins from J.P. Scrafton

March 2017 - Several changes on the way
A look at recent changes in rating, including "check, challenge, appeal."

March 2017 - Monk judgement
The Supreme Court has just allowed, unanimously, the appeal of SJ&J Monk against the decision of the Court of Appeal.

September 2016 - Revaluation looms
After a two-year postponement, the draft lists are due to be published at the end of September.

June 2015 - Voting in the Institute Elections
Voting in the Institute's Council Election has opened.

December 2014 - More announcements of discussions and reforms
In a flurry of papers DCLG has announced its interim thoughts on the consultation carried out earlier in the year.

April 2014 - Rating system update
The almost-promised re-writing of VTE Practice Statement A7.1, which was virtually complete, has been overtaken by the Goernment’s announcement of an overhaul to the rating system.

May 2013 – Valuation Tribunal update
The President of the Valuation Tribunal for England has announced that there will be sweeping changes to this Practice Statement, which covers the disclosure and exchange of information in rating appeals

July 2012 Insight – Faculty Board update
The unlikely mix of bailiff fees, rate deferment and the rating of plant and machinery are amongst the issues confronting Peter Scrafton’s Valuation Faculty Board

April 2012 Insight – Faculty Board update
Find out what Peter Scrafton’s Valuation Faculty Board have been debating in our monthly roundup of IRRV faculty activity

December 2011 Insight – Faculty Board update

Peter Scrafton’s Valuation Faculty Board contribute to the debate once more as consultation is the other of the day

September 2011 Insight - Faculty Board report
New Valuation Faculty Board Chairman Peter Scrafton hits the ground running, as the Board’s agenda gathers pace

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