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(but only one pending change is imminent and requires immediate consideration)

In a flurry of papers DCLG has announced its interim thoughts on the consultation carried out earlier in the year. Consultees avoided confining themselves to the questions to which the Department said it wanted answers, and responded more widely than requested. Clearly there are many causes of dissatisfaction with the present system, and these will be addressed, we are told - but not until comfortably after the May 2015 General Election. These papers are readily available online and will be considered and respondered to, by The Valuers’ Association. All sorts of interesting ideas are mentioned.

The latest paper to emerge has been one seeking to discuss the possibility of anti-avoidance measures. This is a paper arising from meetings between DCLG and the Local Government Association, representatives of ratepayers having been excluded. Anti-avoidance was considered, of course, in 2007/8 when the empty rate went up to 100%; but there was no appetite for change at that stage, it seems, and the idea went away. Now it is back, and IRRV will be very glad of any considered thoughts which readers may have. These may be sent to the Institute or to me, and they will get to the appropriate faculty boards.

The imminent change which will be happening is that of a change to the ability of ratepayers to have list entries backdated. Essentially, if a proposal is not made before 31st March 2015, then it will not be permissible to backdate any list entry, as at present is the case.

You may be certain that the Institute will be commenting actively on all of these proposals

In October 2014, I resumed the Chairmanship of The Valuers’ Association which has been restructured and revamped, and now covers, more actively, a wider range of valuation expertise than previously was the case.

Peter Scrafton IRRV (Hons) FCIArb MRSA (Hon) Solicitor (Non-Practising) and Accredited Mediator is a legal and valuation consultant and member of the IRRV Council.

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