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Voting in the Institute's Council Election has opened There are nine candidates for six places. Unashamedly I am soliciting your vote, to extend my time on the Council and to allow me to assist with all of the Parliamentary and other work of administrative and procedural reform which will need to be done and followed up before the 2017 revaluation.

Turnout for this election (and for other elections for other bodies) has been too low, and I urge you to vote. Valuers are proportionally under-represented, and I would therefore invite you to use votes to increase our numbers, bearing in mind that rate collection is as important to us as is valuation itself.

Please bear in mind, too, that the Institute's valuers cover areas of valuation far beyond rating. We are heavily involved in Europe and, probably more than any other body, in the implementation of the EU Mortgage Directive, here in UK, on EU proposals to limit loan:value ratios in mortgages to 70% (which, if implemented, would damage the property market) and in the development of a new professional qualification for residential valuers. No other professional body in UK appears to be addressing many of these issues, although other countries are.

These topics, and more, will be covered during the valuer day at the IRRV annual conference, on 7th October, in Telford. So please vote in the election and come to the conference, for which please book through the Institute's website, or by email at, or by telephone at 020 7691 8987.

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Peter Scrafton IRRV (Hons) FCIArb MRSA (Hon) Solicitor (Non-Practising) and Accredited Mediator is a legal and valuation consultant and member of the IRRV Council.

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